Kent's Climate Tour for the California Bicycle Coalition

Dear Friends and Potential Supporters,

Like many of you I’ve been obsessing about the threat that climate change poses to life on earth as we know it.  I truly believe that we are dangerously close to triggering a global climate catastrophe and that our response so far has been wholly inadequate to the scope of the risks.  Over the years I’ve done my part, altering my lifestyle to get used to living with a much smaller carbon footprint and to demonstrate that this isn’t a hardship.  But I feel the world is just going along as if business-as-usual is OK.  It is not.  Science is providing compelling new evidence nearly every week that the situation has gotten much more urgent than was thought even a few years ago.  I feel I need to do more to help raise awareness about this.

This fall I am doing a solo bicycle tour around California to bring attention to the issue of climate change and to raise money for the California Bicycle Coalition and Citizens Climate Lobby, with a goal of raising $5000.  My route will be determined by leads I turn up that will connect me with people, organizations and innovative projects that are part of the solution.  I will be blogging about what I learn.  I am doing this by bicycle to draw attention to this grossly underdeveloped form of transportation and to get a closer look at how our state is responding to climate change.  I will pay for all of my own expenses (bike touring is relatively cheap!) so I can direct as much funding as possible to the organizations I am supporting.

I have chosen to support the California Bicycle Coalition because I believe they are working on one of the most important ways we can reduce our carbon footprint: making cycling a safe, pervasive alternative to automobile use.  You can learn more about this strategy and their campaigns elsewhere at this website.  And if you would like to support my climate tour goal, please make a donation to Cal Bike.  

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Who's donating

Kent Strumpell
F. John LaBarba
Greg Fischer
Lowell Meyer
Tom Tyrrell
Ian McIlvaine
isabelle duvivier
Gwynne Pugh
Lori Erlendsson
Barbara Filet
$700.00 raised
GOAL: $5,000.00
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